Care & Handling

Unlike most pieces of art, your crystal is meant to be used, not just admired. The following is our advice on how you can enjoy and prolong the life of your crystal for generations to come.

Use and Temperature

While in some ways very durable, crystal is more sensitive to temperature than mere glass. For that reason, avoid extremes and rapid temperature changes. Never use it for a hot beverage. And never put it in the freezer.


Some dishwashers have a "crystal or china" setting. This means they are programmed to keep the temperature under 140°F (60°C). That's helpful, but not really enough. As crystal has a propensity to break when two wet pieces touch, we recommend washing pieces the way they were made, one at a time and by hand. Use a mild soap and water no hotter than your hands can stand.

Avoid abrasives. Rinse with hot water and either allow to air dry or wipe dry with paper towel or a soft, lint free cloth, such as an Ecloth. The interior of vases can be cleaned by swirling rice in warm soapy water. Or you could fill the vase with water and drop in a couple of denture cleaning tablets, wait a few hours and rinse.


Store glasses upright, never upside down. This way you are less likely to chip the rims.

Candleholder Care

Always use the appropriate sized candles for your candleholder. The correct size candle will give the perfect amount of light needed to reflect your candleholder's beautiful cuts. It will also sit properly and make clean up easier.

Never allow the candle to burn down completely. This may damage the crystal by either scorching it or causing it to crack.

Use tea lights that are in a plastic container. Metal bottomed tea lights conduct heat, which can cause the crystal to crack.

If wax melts on to the crystal, don't try to remove it with extremely hot water, an abrasive washing liquid or scrubbing pad. Use lukewarm water, mild soap and a little patience. We also recommend trying a little rubbing alcohol. Do not try to reheat the wax and never put crystal in the microwave.

If you're burning tea lights or votive candles that aren't in a container, avoid wax build up on your candleholder by putting a few drops of water underneath the candle.

We recommend using soy based candles. Clean up is easy as soy is water soluble. They also burn evenly and 50% longer than other candles.

Vase Care

In order to avoid a buildup of residue from flowers, we recommend frequent water changes. When washing vases, the interior can be cleaned by gently swirling rice in warm soapy water inside the vase. Alternatively, fill the vase with water, drop in a couple of denture cleaning tablets and wait a few hours before rinsing