January 14, 2021

To our valued customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders:

We have come to the difficult but necessary decision that NovaScotian Crystal will be permanently closing at the end of February. We are sharing this news with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners today.

Due to COVID-19 this past year has been challenging for many businesses and NovaScotian Crystal was certainly not exempt. During the pandemic we continued to benefit from positive online sales but we lost the significant portion of business from our retail showroom. As a result of COVID-19 and limited access to the Halifax waterfront we were without cruise ship visitors, tourists and customers. Restrictions on our business also severely curtailed our production capacity.

We are not able to envision a sustainable business in the foreseeable future. We are extremely disheartened. Despite producing a world-class product, the hope of an improving economy, and a longstanding and supportive customer base, the current obstacles cannot be overcome. As a result, the responsible choice is close in an orderly fashion while fulfilling our obligations to our employees, suppliers and partners. To be clear, this is not a receivership process.

We deeply appreciate our team of 37 dedicated employees and craftsmen for the inspiring work they have always done, and for the commitment in helping us through this next stage. Our staff has introduced countless customers to the world of NovaScotian Crystal and we’re forever grateful for the relentless hard work, passion, and love that they have brought to their roles.

Until the day we close it is business as usual. Our team’s efforts will be on fulfilling current customer orders and, to the best of our ability, other orders that may come in before mid-February. Customers may have collections they will want to complete, and we will do our utmost, with available resources, to fulfill these. We will honor any pre-purchased gift cards.

We are thankful to our many loyal customers and corporate partners - here and around the world. We encourage their continued patronage as we sell all remaining inventory. We have heard so many stories of your favorite pieces, your first collections, the gifts you’ve given and received - and everything in between. We have absolutely loved being able to create Canada’s only mouth blown, hand cut crystal and we feel incredibly privileged to have been able to do this for and with those who share our love of this art and craft.



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