Unique Patterns

The stories of our patterns.

NovaScotian Crystal elaborates on its rich past with modern designs that have become renowned for their authenticity and uniqueness. In creating our patterns, our craftsmen are inspired by Nova Scotia’s geographical regions, historic events and lively local lore. Our craftsmen’s artistry has made our pieces immediately recognizable. It innovates the future of design of functional art, and guards the continued endurance of exquisite beauty.

We offer six patterns suites that are applied to the complete range of shapes in a suite. These full suite patterns are Annapolis, Citadel, Luna, Margaree, Titanic and Windsor.

We have also created two patterns, Canadian Spirit and Cutters' pattern, that are applied to a selective range of pieces but are not necessarily applicable to all pieces in a suite.

Finally, we have created some patterns that are unique to particular pieces. These patterns were designed to enhance a particular shape and are not applicable to other shapes. They include Atlantic, Seafarer's and Wave. These patterns can be found under “Additional Patterns” below.

Our craftsmen love to explore new patterns and new shapes. While creating new patterns and pieces requires immeasurable labour, we will from time to time offer something new. Be sure to check in with us occasionally to discover new pieces and patterns from our glassworks.


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