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About NovaScotian Crystal

We are Canada's only maker of mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal, and one of the very few in the world. We employ the traditional tools and techniques of European crystal makers passed down from generation to generation. What started a generation ago, from a group of Irish immigrants with a commitment to preserving an ancient and vanishing craft, has become a truly Canadian story of respect for tradition, beauty and fine craftsmanship.

For more than 20 years, we have exemplified high craft and Canadian excellence. Today our pieces are recognized icons of luxury.

NovaScotian Crystal takes the fine craftsmanship of crystal making and elevates it to the realm of artistry. From the original design to the mouth-blown shape to the hand-cut pattern, every piece is unique and bears the mark of the maker. And when a piece fulfills its purpose in your home, it becomes functional art.

The History of Crystal Making

While glass has been made for thousands of years, crystal making began in England during the late 17th century. During the next several hundred years, the craft spread throughout Europe and crystal became prized for its beauty, heft, and light refraction. The high level of skill required of the blowers and cutters in the craft of crystal is appreciated worldwide.



Mark of Authenticity

Hallmark Icon

All of our pieces are marked with our symbol of authenticity. The symbol is the image of a cut crystal glass and is your guarantee that your piece is entirely original, handmade and authentic NovaScotian Crystal.