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Stemware Starter Set - Titanic

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Stemware Starter Set



Burgundy Measures: 7.75"h
Burgundy Recommended Serving Volume: 5oz

Bordeaux Measures: 8.5"h
Bordeaux Recommended Serving Volume: 5oz

Flute Measures: 8.75"h
Flute Recommended Serving Volume: 4oz

The Stemware Starter Set is a great way to start a stemware collection. The set contains 2 Burgundy glasses, 2 Bordeaux glasses and 2 Flutes. Each style is designed to extract the optimum in flavour and bouquet from a particular wine.

The Burgundy is best for wines that are higher in acidity with moderate tannin and the large bowl shape maximizes their fruit flavours.
The Bordeaux handles a wide range of wines and is best for wines high in tannin.
The Flute is the perfect home for Champagne, sparkling and white wines. They are tall and slender in order to emphasize the characteristics of the grape's varietal and to keep the bubbles in the glass, not up your nose.

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