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Seafarer's Rum Glass

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Seafarer's Rum Glass



Measures: 4.5"h
Holds: 10 oz

Our Rum glass is beautifully balanced to bring out the best in your favourite rum - and for the sailor in you, the heavy base and a low centre of gravity keep it upright on the table rather than on the floor.

A tribute to sailors, mariners and rum-runners alike, the Seafarer's Pattern is a beautiful reference to the Atlantic. Quick, severe cuts mimic the sharp choppy waves born of the unflagging Gulf Stream winds. The narrow swath of cuts evokes the seafarer's wake... watch it sparkle like the setting sun off restful waters.

People claim to feel at ease holding a Seafarer's piece - thanks perhaps to the compass rose cut and the comfort a mariner takes in having this navigational tool in their hand.

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