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Lunenburg Dory

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Lunenburg Dory



Measures: 8.5"l x 3"w x 2"h

A voyage from wood to crystal.

Among the most cherished of Nova Scotia’s famed wooden boats is the Banks Dory. These small, stackable boats accompanied the great fishing schooners to the fabled fishing banks in the seas surrounding Nova Scotia.

The design of a dory usually took its name from the place it was built. Our crystal dory was modeled on the Banks Dory built in Lunenburg.

While this crystal Lunenburg Dory is not exactly seaworthy, it is certainly mantel worthy. Or desk or table worthy. The light bouncing off the cut and polished lapstrake pattern summons images of sunlight on a spray of water created by an oar. And it recalls the oarsmen themselves, the fishermen who worked the Banks and trusted their lives to these industrious boats.

Like all Nova Scotians, we admire dories. More importantly, we admire the men who built and manned them. Our Lunenburg Dory was launched to honour Nova Scotia’s generations of boatbuilders and fishermen.

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