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About the Registry

A Registry for all occasions
While often used for weddings, some customers use it to mark other milestones, like a notable birthday, anniversary or retirement. We also have collectors who use an ongoing Registry for all their gift occasions, from Christmas to Mother’s Day.


At your fingertips
In contrast to our steadfast commitment to traditional crystal making techniques, our online Gift Registry is state-of-the-art. Everything is made easy for both giver and recipient. From set-up to purchasing to tracking, it’s all right at your fingertips.


How it works
To create a registry, you first must create an account. This gives you access to your account dashboard with a link to create your Registry. You can then view, change and update your registry. You can even use password protection to limit access to those you choose. To add desired gifts, find the item(s) you want in our shop and select “add to registry” instead of “add to cart" on the product's page. Your registry displays the items you have chosen and the quantity remaining to be received.

Purchasing from a Registry is much the same. We ask that the giver first create an account from which they can then search for your Registry. They can then track purchases and we can track who gave what. An important feature when it comes time to send thank you notes.


Worldwide shipping
Your gifts can be shipped to you or your guests at the time of purchase, or, if you prefer, we’ll send you everything in a single shipment in time for the big day.


Twelve-month Crystal Clear® Guarantee
If your crystal happens to break, chip or damage in any way, for any reason, in the first twelve months after you receive it, we’ll fix or replace it free of charge. Some conditions apply.


Personalize your gift
A giver can choose to personalize a gift with distinctive sand etching, a personalized note and one of our unique giftwraps. See details here.


Continuing the Story
The story of our crystal doesn’t end when it leaves our hands. It continues as an elegant centerpiece when friends gather for a meal. It shares in the celebration of life’s milestones. It’s even been known to join in a sunset toast at sea. From everyday moments to extraordinary events, we invite you to find a place for our crystal in your own beautiful stories.