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Beer Glass - Windsor

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Beer Glass



Measures: 7.5"h
Holds: 16 oz

Today’s sophisticated beer offerings demand a sophisticated vessel to accommodate them.

Beer has stepped up its game, so we set out to step up our own game by pooling the skills of our craftsmen with the skills of our local craft beer brewers. The objective was to design a glass that would accommodate a wide variety of beer and treat each with the respect it deserves. We were determined to create a glass for all beers that would make happy hour even happier.

We worked closely with some of our own local brew masters to determine the perfect weight and shape. We had many an enjoyable get together over a selection of beer and a variety of prototypes for our glass.

The winning design is a mix of the German shape favoured by Weisse drinkers, the tulip shape created for North American beers, and the European pilsner glass.

The result is a glass that’s easy to pour into and a pleasure to drink out of. It also aids the aromatic appreciation of the beer it holds. And of course, it’s beautiful to look at.

As one of our beer friends put it, “It has a reassuring luxuriousness. You’ll never want to go back to an ordinary glass.”

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